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Edugie Homes is a serene oasis for everyone to relax, explore and enjoy a home away from home.

The Birth of Edugie

At Edugie Homes, we aim to create a “home away from home”. We are incredibly concerned about your comfort which is why we’ve created a serene oasis for our guests. We pride ourselves in providing a beautiful blend of the rich Nigerian culture and a unique home environment that would have our guests’ happy safe & at ease. We are excited to host you everytime.

Our Essence

❁ Celebrating culture, celebrating clients.
❁ Provision of affordable and comfortable apartment rental (Homes)
❁ Provision of top notch service and security
❁ Promotion of the Nigerian culture
❁ Promotion of diversity and art in Nigeria and by Nigerians
❁ Growth for Edo state specifically Benin city, through positive feedbacks from our guests

❁Unique Peek-A-Boo factors that would cause our guests to feel like it’s their first time visiting everytime they patronize us
❁ Reliability in the hospitality business
❁ An alluring environment where our guests can proudly host their visitors and take photos that would
Match any tourist attraction center.
❁ To influence peace, happiness by going above and beyond to provide everything our guests could possibly need if it were to be their own home.
❁ To promote unity by inspiring our guests to feel like family because they are family to us.

Our Location

We are located at 12, Gbadamosi Avenue, Nosa Edugie way. Mtn mast road; 1st ugbor. Benin City. Nigeria.

. Home (Apartment) rental.
. Mini gulf potting green
. Gym
. Swimming pool
. 24/7 Power supply
. Free Wifi
. 24/7 security
. Concierge service available
. Outdoor chessboard
. Fully equipped kitchen(s)
. Washer & Dryer
. Doorbell Cameras
. Car services

.Cooking and market runs
. Car services
. Laundry services